Rolled pavlova

Hey guys! The next recipe that I’m showing you is rolled pavlova. All you have to do is use the same ingredients and instructions to make the batter like here…the difference comes in the cooking time and the temperature of the oven. For the complete recipe please follow this link.


Pavlova finally!! Everyone’s favorite..all members  of my family enjoy the pavlova, either I make the classic one or the rolled one. When I started making this I had three tries so that I can get the perfect consistency, the perfect color and the perfect gooiness inside. I think that my problem was that I had…

Delicious fillings

Hey there, like I said in my previous post I have prepared 2 different types of creams that will work well with the peanut butter cake that I have shown you in the previous post.  You can find the recipes here.


Hey guys, I have decided that my first post will be actually about the first cake that I made. Now don’t judge.. remember that I had no experience or any baking courses, I only have a sweet tooth and maybe some native skills inspired by my mom and grandma. Here is the complete recipe for…


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